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"...the pleasure of food is not measured, it is digestible..."

In HAUDILAR we believe that the best of life is to be lived to the full.
And what better combination with one of our Kitchens, than a recipe elaborate by the hands of those who know, a true Chef Recipe?
For having been given the opportunity to establish a partnership with Chef Michael Rocha, here we share with our esteemed customers this passion for Kitchens, Cooking and by the pleasure that results of the two!
We invite everyone who are also passionate with the Kitchen in general to join us!
Kitchen and Chef We already have, lacking only yourself!


Chef Michael Rocha started cooking early, motivated by the premature absence of their mother.
With seven or eight years have cooked something and at 10, cooked just about everything.
At 15 he was already an experienced cook by necessity.

When he started professionally in this field, was by chance, because the Chef hired for a party of New Year´s Eve of a Company Event, bid farewell to the last minute ... Guess who's invited to replace him? It's like he says, being in the "right time and right place."

He become more perfect over the last few years, having collaborated with some of today's renowned Chef and participated in countless events and training in this area.

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Join us!

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